Busiswa inspires fans with weight loss story | From 101kg – 78kg in 3 years


Busiswa motivates fans with her weight loss journey within the past 3 years.

Taking to Twitter, the singer shared photos of herself on her son’s birthday, and said the young boy turns 3-year-old, which makes it 3 years of loosing 23 weight.

Months ago, the SA star shocked fans with a photo of herself looking all curvy but with a reduced body size.

It was assumed it happened within a short period, but according to Busiswa, she’s been working on her body for the past 3 years, since the birth of her son.

“I weighed 101 KG on the day my son was born. I weigh 78 KG today. He’s 3 years old. Take your time, babes – but MAKE UP YOUR MIND,” she said.

Some fans applauded her for being disciplined, but a few trolls tried body-shaming her.

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