Natasha Thahane saves lives during looting in SA



Natasha Thahane actively saved lives few days ago during South Africa’s unrest.

The actress is known to be of good heart, and she’s helped people severally even when the country seem peaceful.

While the country is stuck in a chaotic state, Natasha responded to people seeking for help on social media.

Taking to Twitter she reached out to a man who needs depression medicine, as he couldn’t step out due to the unsafe state of his community.

Natasha also said she will book an Airbnb for a family whose apartment was set ablaze.

“They’ve just burnt the apartment building my family and I are staying in. I’m standing on streets with an 11 month old and a petrified four year old. I’ve never experienced so much pain,” the tweep said.

Afterwards, the actress urged people who need help to reach out to her.

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