4 reasons why sitting too much is bad for your health



Did you know that sitting for very long hours can alleviate your blood pressure levels and increase your risk of death from cardiovascular diseases and even cancer?

Yes, you read that right. Any extended sitting, either on the desk, in the car or in front of the screen can be harmful.

Sitting utilises less energy from our body as compared to moving or standing. Studies have linked sitting for a long period of time with several health issues.

Some of these issues include obesity, high blood pressure, excess body fat around the waist and elevated cholesterol levels. Sitting increases your risk of death from cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Thus, the less you sit or lie down during the day, the better are your chances of living a healthy life.

Below are 4 reasons why sitting too much maybe too bad for your heath.

1. Leg and glute muscles

Sitting for long hours can lead to the weakening and wasting away of the large leg muscle and gluteal muscle. The large leg muscles are important for walking and stabilizing our bodies. If these muscles become weak, you are more likely to fall from exercise.

2. Metabolic problems

When we move our bodies, we digest fats and sugar. When we spend a lot of time sitting, digestion is not as efficient so the body retains those fats and sugars, which leads to metabolic disorders.

3. Hip and joint problems

Hip flexors shorten when you sit for long hours, which can lead to problems with hip joints. It can also cause a problem with the back, especially if one sits with poor posture or does not use an ergonomically designed chair or workstation. Even if you exercise, but sit for long hours at a stretch, you are at risk of health problems such as Metabolic Syndrome.

4. Cancer

Various studies have suggested that sitting for long hours increases your chances of developing some kind of cancer including lung cancer, uterine and colon cancers.

How to increase your movement?

Staying active increases your overall energy levels, endurance and boosts your bone strength. You can start by simply standing rather than sitting when you get a chance.

– Every 30 minutes take a break from sitting

– Walk when you talk on the phone or while watching television

– Switch between standing and sitting desk

Taking all these small little steps will lead to weight loss, increased energy levels and help you burn more calories.

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