Zola 7 is not dead



Social media users have been passing news around that Zola 7 is reportedly dead.

This is coming after the star opened up about how he’s battling chronic epilepsy, and how it almost took his life.

He also said he needs financial help to sort out his medical bills.

However, a Facebook user by the name of C’yabonga DjGusheshe Nkosi announced that Zola 7 had died as a result of heart failure.

That same user later apologised that he announced his death rumours without verifying the facts, saying he got a false update.

He said that Zola is alive and that he did not wish for his demise.

Another social media user Godfada Yekasi confirmed that Zola is alive and that he had gotten off the phone with him a few minutes before posting the screenshot of their call.

Tweeps have been up in arms, livid at the false news of Zola’s passing saying the family has not released any official communication so the legend cannot be dead.


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