6 reasons why your b*obs are itching



Are you experiencing itchiness all-around your breasts? If yes, you need to pay immediate attention.

There can be various reasons why your breasts are itchy and red. Though the good news is, having itchy breasts is not a major problem.

Hair regrowth, sunburn, insect bites, tight bra, dry skin and healing wounds are some of the many reasons why your breasts are itching.

Here are some major reasons behind itchy breasts:

1. You do not wash your bra regularly

Not washing the bra regularly can lead to skin irritation. If you have any wound on or around the breast, it can get infected too after coming in contact with an unwashed bra, which possibly might have bacteria.
Wash your bra regularly. If you worked out wearing it, wash it in warm water to get it rid of dirt and sweat.

2. Sunburn can also lead to heat rashes

Your breasts are sensitive to sunlight and thus going out topless can cause skin irritation. This can also cause sunburn, leading to intense itching. Heat rash caused by sunlight can also lead to itching in the breasts. It can cause the sweat to trap under the skin, blocking its pores.

3. Using wrong soap and detergent

Using harsh soap for bathing and detergents for laundry can also cause skin irritation. Select a soap as per your skin type. Identify substances that cause your allergy and avoid them. Sun dry your bra even if it’s completely dried in the washing machine.

4. Not choosing the right bra fabric

Unbreathable fabric can also lead to skin irritation. Bras are made with all types of fabric and some can be very itchy for your breasts. Make sure that the size, fabric and shape of your bra fit you perfectly. Thus, be careful and take time in selecting the right bra, keeping the above facts in mind.

5. Pregnancy or breastfeeding

Pregnancy is followed by breastfeeding, which changes the breast shape and size and further contributes to itchy boobs and nipples. The breastfeeding process leads to dry and irritated skin as well as cracked and bleeding nipples. Wearing the right bra and moisturising the skin can help. Though chances are very bleak, in some rare cases, it can be a sign of breast cancer.

6. Eczema

Eczema is a chronic skin condition that can lead to inflammation as well as dry and itchy skin. It can happen in any part of the body, including the breasts.

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