SMEA releases official statement following Mpura and Killer Kau’s death



Soweto Music and Entertainment Academy (SMEA) has released an official statement regarding the death of stars,  Mpura and Killer Kau.

The two died few days ago due to a terrible car accident and according to report, there were 5 people in the car.

In the statement, the academy said they lost 3 members in the accident.

It was stated that the trio was travelling to a gig in Rustenburg with other artists in the car.

It involved hitmaker and Amapiano co-pioneer Killer Kau, Thando Tot who was his DJ, TD who was SMEA’s official road manager, Mpura Artist, The Voice (Mpura’s Dj) and 1 other female.

They also said fans should allow the families of the late stars be given space to grieve.

More details pertaining their funeral will be issued soon.




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