6 reasons why your 20s aren’t meant for a serious relationship



The twenties are a time in your life where you either make it or break it, or are still stuck in the paradigm of trying to find yourself and getting to know yourself better.

If you haven’t figured yourself out, do you really have room to figure another person out? Besides, twenties are a time to completely do away with serious things like relationships and have a ball instead.

There is plenty of time in life to find the one you truly want to spend the rest of your life with and maybe your twenties can be kept for finding your true purpose instead, so you can live that purpose thereon.

So have your flings, work hard or figure out what you need to work hard for and maybe avoid a serious relationship. Because all serious relationships should be well reserved for your thirties and beyond!

Here’s why getting into a serious relationship in your twenties is probably not the best idea.

1. You’re definitely not ready for commitments

Or are you? Do you really think you’re ready for a commitment at 25 or post? A commitment is something you have to stick with, for the rest of your life! I mean you’re not committed to trimming your nostril hair everyday, so I am not sure if you’re ready to commit to another person altogether! Think about it. A commitment takes a lot!

2. You’re probably not stable

At this point in time you’re looking for stability yes, but you’re not stable enough to give it to someone else. You’re stumbling between work and partying your life away and to find the stability to carry forth a relationship, might be a tad tough for you.

3. You’re inept to take care of another person

And I really don’t mean that in a bad way. While you may be great at taking care of yourself, but at this time you’re a little more selfish than you will be sometime in the future and that’s absolutely okay, because sometimes being selfish teaches you a lot! You have to be well equipped to take care of your needs first before you can be held accountable for anyone else’s needs. It’s just as simple as that! So I’d suggest you take all the time in the world to become that person.

4. You’re attracted to almost every woman you see

In your twenties, you’re a bit more shallow than what you will be in the future. You’ll see a lot more responsibility in yourself while picking a life partner later in life, but in your twenties, it’s all about looks and who’s hot and who is not. If you’re dating someone, you’ll always wonder if they’re good enough for you and whether or not you’ll find someone better. You’ll always wonder whether you’re settling for less or not!

5. You’re not ready for ‘sacrifices’

When you get into a serious relationship, you’ll have to make a 100 sacrifices for the other person in order to make the relationship work but the thing is, you’ve just started making small sacrifices of your happiness to achieve your dreams. So balancing out the two can be rather tough. Making a sacrifice takes a lot and if it’s for another person, it can really affect what you’re looking to achieve in the future.

6. You’re still understanding what millennial dating is

The concept of dating has changed a lot over the years and the current generation is still understanding it. It’s certainly not like before, where dating someone was a lot more organic. There wasn’t much technology and meeting someone was always by chance. Today, everyone is swiping their dating apps and finding the best possible matches. Dating and switching partners has become a lot more callous and fast paced, and people are still trying to figure that out.

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