7 lifestyle changes every woman needs to adopt before getting pregnant



We all know the lifestyle modifications a pregnant woman needs to make. But did you know that you also need to bring about a few changes to increase your chances of pregnancy?

Now that you have decided to plunge into parenthood, one thing that is certain is CHANGE.

During the beautiful journey of pregnancy, a woman goes through various changes physically, emotionally, and physiologically.

Not to mention that a pregnant woman actively needs to make changes in her lifestyle, then be it quitting certain kinds of food or alcohol. But do these changes only start only after you get pregnant? Let’s find out!

When do I start making these changes in my life?

Well, adopting a healthy lifestyle should never be about when. But when you are pregnant you HAVE to be at your fittest to make sure you are fabricating the best scenario for your baby to grow. However, if you are planning for pregnancy you need to adopt certain changes and habits which will help you even before you are actually pregnant.

Here are some things you need to do before you try for pregnancy

1. Visit your gynaecologist

Visiting an ob-gyn is an important step for a couple planning a child. Your doctor will take your medical history, family history, and genetics. You may also want to discuss when to start trying and when during your cycle you are the most fertile. Your doctor will offer you advice to help you get on your way smoothly.

2. Get your weight under control

Research has shown the adverse effects of being overweight and underweight on foetal health. So, you must consult a professional to determine what your healthy weight should be and try to get some points down (or up) your weighing scale with good exercise and nutritious food.

3. Know what you are deficient in

The foetus eats what its mother eats, therefore concentrating on a healthy and balanced diet is a must. Get checked for deficiencies and try to fix them right before pregnancy. You should also check on your iron levels and take folic acid tablets as prescribed by your physician. You may need extra folic acid supplements to prevent neural tube effects in your foetus.

4. Work out

Start exercising, even if you are in the correct BMI range. But, do not overdo it. Consult a healthcare professional or women’s health physical therapist for proper exercises that cater to your needs.

5. Keep your caffeine intake in check

Excess caffeine can make it harder for you to conceive. According to the WHO: “Results from some observational studies suggest that excess intake of caffeine may be associated with growth restriction, reduced birth weight, preterm birth or stillbirth.”

6. Quit smoking and drinking

You need to stop drinking and smoking at least three months before you start trying to conceive. This makes it easier to adapt to it when you are expecting.

7. Relax…

Chill out in life and reduce your stress levels. You can rely on methods like yoga and meditation to help keep them calm.

But how will these measures help me?

Following are the benefits of these lifestyle changes:

  • They will help in reducing maternal and foetal morbidity
  • They will increase your chances of conception
  • They will improve your fertility
  • They will help you deliver a healthy baby
  • They will make the process of adapting to the changes during pregnancy easier

When should I start with pre-pregnancy care and these lifestyle modifications?
The pre-conception period is three months before you get pregnant. Making changes in this time can boost your fertility, reduce pregnancy-related complications, and improve post-pregnancy recovery.

Also it is important to get a pre-pregnancy check-up done. Some medical conditions can adversely affect your pregnancy.

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