Cassper Nyovest reveals why he stopped taking drugs



Cassper Nyovest had a conversation with fans on Twitter, about how he stopped taking drugs.

The rapper has once revealed that he doesn’t take drugs, and he’s firm about the claim.

A curious fan asked if he takes weed, and he revealed he doesn’t, though he drinks alcohol, but in a responsible manner.

Mufasa revealed he smoked weed when he was young, but not anymore.

“I smoked weed when I was young and impressionable. Just fell into peer pressure from friends, I got nothing from it and had a bad experience. I am glad I quit early. I don’t like weed, I don’t like drugs nje. A lot of people get angry when I say that but it is what it is,” he tweeted.

Cassper said he had a bad high and stopped to smoke weed.

“I just quit hey. Had a bad high and swore never to touch weed again.”

The rapper further revealed that he enjoyed his first high.

“I only enjoyed my first high cause I was just laughing nje. I don’t remember enjoying being high again. Weed is not for me. I’m good. I enjoy my spuzeli, thats it. No drugs. I also see my friends who smoke and how slow and incompetent it makes them and I’m just like nah. Ke shap,” Cass said.

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