6 wedding day problems you should be wary of



There’s a general belief that something must go wrong in your relationship — no matter how hard you try to make it perfect, something must just make it imperfect.

If you can pay attention to those little details, then the bulk of your cc events will go as planned.

These are some of the things you should be wary of.

1. The DJ

So many couples have had issues with their DJ’s playing the wrong songs when they are marching in, and in their wedding event. Sometimes the DJ might not really know what you want, since each couple have a different taste in music. So it’s up to you to to tell your DJ the exact songs you want and when you want it. If possible, you can even choreograph it with your DJ.

2. Bridesmaid/groomsmen coming late

Imagine how distressed or disappointed you could be if some of your bridesmaids are late for your wedding. To have your bridesmaids and groomsmen organised, camp all of them in a hotel or similar location with you, and there will be no reason for anyone to be late.

3. Weather

The weather factor is one aspect many people fail to prepare for; it’s so easy to set a wedding date and choose a wedding venue without putting in mind factors like rain. The last thing you’d want to ruin your day is the weather, and a venue that will be flooded. Choose a venue you know will be easily accessible and that’s weather friendly.

4. Things getting misplaced

As surprising as this might seem, it actually happens. Many partners misplace some of their wedding items or forget where they kept certain items, and then they start looking for it on their wedding day. Mistakes like this should be avoided, and things should be kept properly.

5. Forgetting to have fun

At the end of the day, you’re going to get married to your partner. So forget about perfection, don’t let little things spoil your day, choose to be happy and enjoy the moment, because it happens just once.

6. Cold feet

A lot of couples face cold feet on the day of their wedding; a day that’s supposed to be special, could start with a feeling of nervousness. Sometimes this happens because you get so overwhelmed with the preparations for the wedding and trying to make everything perfect before the wedding, and then you forget to be with that one person who matters most.

To avoid cold feet, try not to do everything — delegate tasks to people you can trust, and spend time with that special person before your wedding day. This will help iron out fears, stress and tension before your wedding day.


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