Jerusalema fans drag Zanda Zakuza


Zanda Zakuza finds herself in mud after announcing that she will be performing alongside Master KG in London.

Knowing that the singer has been performing alongside Master KG, some persons claim she’s usurping Nomcebo Zikode’s  position.

Weeks ago, Zanda was seen vocalising Jerusalema at a show, while KG was behind the deck.

Nomcebo’s fans dragged the singer, but she is unbothered with all the hate.

Taking to Instagram, Zanda captioned gig post, “Who’s killing them in the UK? Super excited to be performing at these venues alongside Master KG. I heard that you guys party like rock stars. I can’t wait, washa.”

Critics against Zanda be like:

Nomcebo Zikode’s spotlight, you will never be her.”

“No matter what you do, you will never be Nomcebo. You’re not even close to her level.”

Responding to the critics, the singer said: “Take your anger on another post and say whatever you feel there. Let’s learn to love one another. I’m now tired of explaining and I know you won’t understand.”

The concerts are set to take place in Manchester, UK and Dublin, Ireland on 27 and 29 August.

Master KG who is the producer and owner of the hit song, Jerusalema is also unbothered with the hate against him, and he’s won over more hearts to his side by doing  giveaway few days ago,




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