8 stereotypes modern parents should leave in the past



Many people believe that it fully depends on parents whether their child grows up a well-mannered, good, and successful person.

This imposes a huge responsibility on moms and dads and their behavior is often criticized.

We believe that happy and calm parents are one of the keys to a happy childhood. And we made a small list of things that modern moms and dads can go ahead and forget about.

1. Feeling guilty about your home not being clean

When a baby appears in the house, cleaning seems to become one of the most important things. After all, babies crawl and put literally everything they stumble upon into their mouths. However, you shouldn’t always try to make your home sterile. The immune system of children is much stronger than adults think. Sometimes moms and dads need to give themselves a break and just relax. .

2. Staying at home all the time

The question of whether you can take your baby to public places should be decided by your pediatrician, and not by random people around you. If the child is vaccinated and doesn’t have any health problems, it’s quite possible to go out with them a few months after they are born. Parents should focus on their own desires and the recommendations of experts.

3. Being ashamed of a crying baby

Children of all ages misbehave in public. By crying and screaming, they usually express their negative emotions. But this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t go out into public. A child understands the words, “Don’t cry!” as someone saying that they should be happy all the time, or at least demonstrate the visibility of happiness. Parents shouldn’t be ashamed if their child doesn’t behave perfectly.

4. Being ashamed of having fun with children

Children often copy their parents’ behavior. This also applies to having fun. Therefore, games and having fun together plays a big role in their upbringing, along with training and serious conversations.

5. Being puzzled about early education

Parents and experts have yet to come to an agreement on whether early childhood education should be mandatory. There are pros and cons to both sides. On the one hand, early education can help a child in school. On the other hand, lessons like these deprive them of their childhood. So each parent chooses for themselves which position is more relevant to them.

6. Comparing yourself with a perfect mother

Trying to be a perfect mother is a pretty dangerous route to try to take. According to psychologists, this often leads to nervous breakdowns and parental burnout. There is nothing wrong with the fact that a woman can’t find time to do everything, and that any little thing can bring her to tears.

7. Doing anything to not spoil your child

A baby simply can’t be spoiled. Until they’re about 9 months, they are not yet able to manipulate adults, and therefore they cry or scream when something bothers them. Even if you hold your child in your arms all day, it’s impossible to spoil them. Moreover, a child feels more secure when they have frequent bodily contact with their parents.

8. Bringing yourself and your child to tears with prohibitions

While scientists disagree on how much time a child can spend in front of the TV every day, they are unanimous that this is not the best activity for toddlers. Children should be limited when it comes to these things. But if the mother is really worn out and tired, it’s better to turn on your child’s favorite cartoons for 30 minutes, and not bring yourself and your child to tears over it.


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