5 ways to tell if a woman is flirting or just being friendly



Love works in strange ways and so do the people who are are in love.

Sometimes, a woman might send subtle hints about her feelings, which can be easily misunderstood.

Sometimes these hints can be so complex that it can confuse a man to no extent making him question if she is trying to flirt or just being friendly.

And let’s not forget the embarrassment a man might have to face when he mistakes a woman’s friendliness as something else because it can be extremely challenging to figure out friendly and flirty behaviour.

So, here are a few cues to get over this dilemma in case, if you ever face the same.

1. When she tries to impress you

If a girl is trying to flirt, she might try to impress the man by doing or saying things he likes. For example, if the guy loves a certain dish, she might take the pain to learn it and impress him by cooking the same for him someday. However, if the girl is just being friendly, she might appreciate the other person’s choice or taste but will not make efforts to impress him with her knowledge. It’s important to differentiate if the woman is trying to impress or just appreciate you.

2. Body language can give it away

Another way to know if a woman is flirting or just trying to be friendly is by observing her body language. According to experts, we tend to behave differently around people we genuinely like as compared to people we are just friends with. For example, she might lean closer to you when she talks or puts her hand around you involuntarily and is not uncomfortable when both are physically proximate. This can be a good sign but before arriving at any conclusion based on her body language, it will be wiser to look for other hints as well.

​3. When she pays extra attention to what you say

Does she remember what you told her a few weeks back about some silly childhood incident? Does she pay undivided attention to what you say when you are in a group and everyone is talking randomly? According to experts, we pay more attention to those people we are interested in. So, we are subconsciously programmed to listen to every word they say with rapt attention.

4. ​If she mentions frequently that she is single

Letting a person know once that you are single is quite common when we try to open up in front of him. But if someone repeatedly drops hints that she is single, there are chances that she might be trying to draw attention to the fact that she is not in a relationship and might be open to a romantic adventure or harmless flirting.

5. She makes efforts to know more about you

If she tries to ask you questions about your past life, likes and dislikes, there are chances that she might want to be more than just friends. If her questions tend to get a little too personal and she still continues probing further, of course, with your permission, it might mean a lot of things, including her unyielding interest in you.

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