“Is Khanyi Mbau safe?” South Africans are worried following boyfriend’s revelation



South Africans are bothered about the safety of Khanyi Mbau following’s her boyfriend, Kudzai’s revelation that she dumped him while on vacation in Dubai.

In the early hours of Tuesday, the young billionaire took to Instagram to say that Khanyi has refused to return to the place where they lodged in Dubai.

She’s refused to pick or return his calls and messages; which made him conclude that the South African TV personality dumped him.

“I have never cheated on you since the day I met you, I have taken care of you since day one. Why do I get treated like this?” Kud said in one of his posts to Khanyi.

“My mind is struggling and I can’t work like this, I love you deeply, and you know this! And I will do anything for you, and you’ve seen me do such before. But the mental spiral dive you’re taking me on, it only destroys me, coz I can’t focus on work like this!” he added.

Reacting to his Instagram stories, South Africans insinuate that Khanyi might have been harmed, as the boyfriend’s story looks calculated.

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