7 ways young South Africans are making money



Earning your salary alone will not be enough, you might need to engage in some side hustle to augment what you get from your job or create an opportunity for yourself to earn more money.

Young South Africans are doing a host of things to make money legally.

We explore seven of them. Read on to find out.

Cryptocurrency is so complex, I cannot attempt to be an expert but here is the gist; it is a digital currency people invest in. It is best to do your research before jumping on it; it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme; it’s simply a way to invest in good coins and sell when the prices go up. just like every other business, there are loss and profits in crypto trading.

Another means of earning extra cash is forex trading and, just like crypto it is complex. With crypto, you are investing in digital currency, with forex, you are investing in stock. A research is also necessary.

Checking your WhatsApp status is enough to see young people buying and selling everything buyable and sellable, clothes, wrist watches, bags, wigs and all of that. Social media platforms are now filled with young South Africans who vend all type of stuff from clothing to food, used phones etc.

This is different from trading which is buying and selling. Young people pool money to do businesses like car hire services, logistics companies, tech companies, real estate firms, and fashion companies.

For many, they’ve chosen to do art or graphic design either on the side or to get out of salaried employment and, they can earn a decent living from it.

Young people earn a living or make a few extra bucks by making creating exciting content on social media platforms. With consistent creation and posting, they get enough audience to attract advertisers.

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