5 toxic things to avoid when shopping for skincare products



Picking products for the skin like the food one takes in should be done paying utmost attention to what they contain.

There have been several reported cases of skin products causing skin cancer, irritations and burns amongst other bits.

When skin products are snagged up without getting to know what they contain there is a risk of damaging the skin unknowingly or a case of mixing products that shouldn’t amongst other harmful bits.

To start out monitoring what goes on the skin (and under the layers), find out five ingredients usually found in skincare/beauty products that are toxic and should be avoided so as not to damage the skin.

Here’s a list of them below:

1. Parabens

They are used as preservatives in skincare products but they’ve been found in breast cancer tumours! They have also be attributed to contribute to male sterility, hormonal imbalances and early puberty in ladies! They are usually listed as Butyl, Methyl, Propyl etc.

2. Benzyl Peroxide

They are common in skincare products and are used to treat acne. Benzyl Peroxide is however a skin, eye ear and nose irritant and are toxic when inhaled! It’s been labeled as a promoter of tumour and are known to damage DNA and mammalian cells.

3. Propylene Glycol, Butyl Glycol

These are petroleum plastics! They are so toxic gloves, goggles and being fully kitted are required to handle them. They are usually discarded by burying them and they are fingered as one to cause brain, skin and liver abnormalities as well as skin cancer.

4. Pigments and colouring

Colours in skincare/makeup products are synthetic and they are usually from coal tar known to contain heavy metal salts that are toxic. They cause skin irritation and sensitivity, depletion of oxygen and in few cases death. Tests on animal show they are most likely carninogenic.

5. Triclosan

They are synthetic antibacterial ingredient. It’s registered formally as a pesticide as it posts a lot of risks to the environment and human health.

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