5 best ways to handle social media dragging



One of the downsides of being active on social media is getting dragged. People on the internet might attack you for a contrary opinion.

You are dragged when many people come to your notifications to scold you over a post you made or your reply to someone’s post.

The ripple effect on social media is huge; you say one thing, another person picks it up and, they just run with it.

Sometimes, you are wrong, and you should apologize, other times you are being misinterpreted. So, how do you cope with being dragged? The following tips below will help you out.

Stand your ground if it is an opinion that isn’t harmful or criminal just controversial. For example, “AKA is better than XYZ.” Do not cower no matter how much you are berated or in internet lingua, ‘ratioed’.

If you feel like you are being misunderstood, you can always put out a subsequent tweet explaining yourself or apologizing if you feel the heat is too much.

You can carry on with your life while your notifications are blowing up. Talk about food, football, politics, anything else but give them attention.

Log out of your social media and maybe do your laundry that has been piling up while strangers on the internet continue to drag you.

Ah, the famous legal steps. If you have been defamed or lied to, threaten legal steps and if you feel your reputation is being tarnished, send your lawyer to write a letter to the culprit demanding an apology. That would teach them!

Maybe at the end of the day, you realize that your comment was silly, and you feel ashamed, deactivate your account, and have peace or sneak back into the timeline with a new username.

Apart from all these how do you all handle being dragged online?

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