8 obvious signs you’re in a love-hate relationship



No couple gets along 24/7, but you should at least have some level of harmony if your connection is a healthy one.

A love-hate relationship is one that’s built on mixed messages, ups and downs, and uneven terrain. The highs are high, but the lows can be disastrous.

Here are 8 signs you’re in one.

1. There’s no stability

Your relationship isn’t consistent or stable in any way, from your feelings for the person to where you’re headed in the future as a couple (if there’s even a joint future to begin with). The main reason for this is because you’re not on the same page.

2. You’re still “hanging out” after all this time

If you’re stuck in the “hanging out” phase with your partner and you’ve been there for a while, that’s a huge sign that your relationship probably doesn’t have a future. No wonder you’re having such love-hate feelings. You and your partner are stuck in a small room and there’s no way out.

3. You’re in love, but…

Your partner has many traits you absolutely adore, but there are other parts of them that just miss the mark when it comes to what you want in a loving relationship. This is part of the reason why your relationship is so over the place.

4. Your communication is a mess

One of the reasons why you’re in such a drama-filled relationship is because you and your partner don’t really connect. You don’t open up to each other and talk about what you want. Or, you try to talk but you always end up in a fight.

5. Your relationship is on-again, off-again

What contributes to the drama in your relationship is that you and your partner keep breaking up when you have a big fight and making up a few hours or days later, only to repeat the whole process later. This brings a lot of drama to your doorstep.

6. You feel anxious during good times

Whether you’re on an amazing holiday with your partner or you’re just going through a great time with them, you don’t trust the happiness. You’re always waiting for the next big fight or criticism or letdown to throw your mood.

7. You’re talking your bffs’ ears off

Instead of talking to your partner about what’s bugging you, you tend to reach out to your besties. You complain about your relationship a lot, and that could be because of how you’re in a loop. Things don’t get resolved in your relationship or you don’t want to face that it should come to an end.

8. Your feelings are all over the place

When you’re with your partner, they usually piss you off or you end up fighting. But then when you’re not with them you miss them like crazy. Ugh!