6 signs that show siblings have a love-hate relationship



Do you ever just hate your sibling so much, you want to kill them but love them so much, you can’t live without them?

Most people with siblings would understand this. If you have children, do your children remind you of your younger self with your own sibling?

This love-hate relationship between siblings is one of the most endearing relationships ever.

As some people who do not have siblings will always live in envy, never understanding how it truly feels to have someone to quarrel with and go to for comfort.

Others who have siblings may not be close or have a good relationship with each other.

Here are a few things that all siblings who share the love-hate relationship can relate to.

1. Fighting over the dumbest things

As someone who has a younger sister, I can assure you that this used to happen on a daily basis when we were younger. Our parents would be so annoyed and scream at us for arguing over the pettiest things. A great example would be fighting one another for the TV, one would hog the remote control while the other blocks the receiver. Has this happened to you or your children before? If it has, just know that you’re not the only one.

2. Getting protective of them

It’s always alright if we are the ones bullying our brother or sister but if someone else does it, there’s no way that they’re getting away with it without going through us. You’ll get very angry witnessing someone bullying them.

3. Taking revenge on them

Do you ever just look forward all day to eat the slice of cake you saved, only to find it all gone by the time you get home? It can be so frustrating and your sibling would take pleasure in seeing you suffer. This is when you take revenge on them by stealing or hiding their things to get them back. The cycle just keeps going on and it’s a never-ending war.

4. Feeling guilty after that

You may enjoy the moment you see them go through misery but guilt will soon start to take over you when you see them upset for a while. Seeing them helpless will make you regret what you did. Siblings will often cheer the other up after that and start playing around again. That’s how it usually is, you make up as quick as you get mad at each other.

5. Enjoying it when they get scolded by parents

It will always be satisfying to watch your sibling helplessly be scolded by your parents. You can tease them while you run around freely, being the innocent one. I know how good it felt like when my sister tried to tell my parents on something I did but ends up being the one reprimanded instead.

6. Telling them your secrets despite not trusting them

You never really hate your siblings no matter how much you think you do. Deep down, you’re glad to have them around even if they annoy you to death all of the time. You might hate to admit it but you’ll feel very empty without them around even for a day.

This means you’ll tell them all of your deepest and darkest secrets even if you know they might use it against you sometime. Your siblings will always be one of the people you trust and depend on the most in your life besides your parents.

Having siblings truly is a wonderful thing. Even as a child when we get frustrated with our siblings, we would always be grateful for their presence. We can never imagine a life without them. We hate them but we love them too. If you think you hate your siblings too, just know that it’s completely normal as long as you have each other’s backs at the end of the day.

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