Skolopad opens up on struggle with amnesia after fatal car accident in 2018



Skolopad claims to be sick after surviving a fatal car accident in 2018, and she revealed the sickness to be mild amnesia.

The accident left scars on her face, but she’s been able to overcome timidity.

Taking to Instagram, the actress opened up about her struggles after surviving the accident.

“It’s been full three years not going out and not socializing with people after my car accident. Not because I was in pain or something but because I was ashamed of my sickness I had n still have a”mild Amnesia” after the car accident I had in 2018/09. I would see who you are but wouldn’t know your name which most people get offend by and it’s so embarrassing to explain that forgot who they are and hide it by saying it old age, some would accept it some would say kebo celeb botjena. What’s wes is I can’t smile with my right side of the face, YES I used to be love my right side and i would pose mostly with that side,” Skolopad said.


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