5 Ancient African hairstyles that are still popular today



African women have been manipulating their natural hair from time immemorial with different hairstyles that are now adapted to modern hairstyles.

In many indigenous cultures, a person’s hair is considered the seat of their soul and, it contains certain powers even when cut.

When cut, it is still linked to the person and can be used for different incantations. Hair also played a role in marriages, burials, and other incantations.

Hairstyle had different meanings and connotations such as marital status, tribe, and age. Different tribes had different hairstyles peculiar to them.

The interesting thing is these hairstyles are still worn today and have been infused into modern society. So, which ancient African hairstyle do we still see today?

Bantu knots are parted and rolled like balls. It was worn by the Zulu women of South Africa. But now it is a modern way to style your natural hair.

African threads are common among people of West Africa. It is basically hair cocooned in a thread. African threads are protective hairstyles in modern times.

Fulani braids are hairstyles made by the Fulani women of West Africa, the hair is usually parted at the middle, left to hang by the side and adorned with beads. A lot of celebrities like Rihanna and Beyonce still wear it.

Cornrows have been dated to the Ethiopians, but it was made throughout African, each having their own distinct way of making it. Cornrows are one of the most popular and relevant styles worn today.

The Himba tribe from Namibia made dreadlocks with grounded ochre, butter, and goat hair. Nowadays artificial dreadlocks are just as popular.