3 reasons why women are obsessed with a thin waist



Women wear waist trainers, use slimming teas, go on rigorous diets, exercise and go under the knife to have a thin waist. They have been obsessed with thin waists way before this century.

In the Victorian age (1820-1914), white (Caucasian) women wore corsets that look like what is sold in the markets today as waist trainers.

The tight corsets they wore pushed their breasts forward and gave them thinner waists. Dresses were not worn without corsets fastened to their belly.

African women have always been thick and that was never an issue. However, colonialization came with the emulation of the way colonialists dressed and a pursuit of their standards of beauty.

So why do women wear waist trainers? Read on to know.

A perfectly thin waist is more joy and pleasure than any pain to get it. The perfect body type perpetuated by social media, influencers, actors and celebrities make women thrive for that coke bottle body and that can’t be had without a thin waist. Ultimately, women want a thin waist because they feel it makes them look younger and sexier.

A woman body changes after childbirth. Sometimes her husband might make her feel bad about her big belly or she becomes less attractive to him. Belly fat might be unsexy to some women’s husbands

Women want to feel sexy and young that’s why they want to have a thin waist. Plus clothes fit better if you have a slimmer waist.

Many people believe that a big belly showing when you wear any outfit doesn’t look good at all and they would do anything to hide it.

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