Lady Zamar warns tweeps to quit getting relationship advice on social media



Lady Zamar recently advised her fans on what love really means and relationship as a whole.

The star has learnt a thing or two about relationship in her time, and felt the need to share it.

Zamar revealed that getting relationship advise from tweeps is not with it saying it is not a place to seek relationship advise.

She believes that social media is poison when it comes to love and that it does nothing but taint pure connections.

Zamar posted: “Social media teaches limitations on love, kindness and understanding. it teaches forgiveness isn’t real and if you forgive you will be disrespected. the Bible teaches the exact opposite, love is unconditional, forgive someone as many times as they ask and never stop being kind!”

In a second post, Lady Zamar encouraged peeps to turn to God for advice, not the self-proclaimed love gurus of social media.

She tweeted: “If you take advice from people and social media about your relationship. It is guaranteed to fail.. instead, talk to God about everything!

See tweet below:

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