5 simple yet effective ways to protect your edges



Some people are genetically predisposed to having a great hairline, but the rest of us must take proper care of our edges.

Your edges are the soft, fragile and wispy baby hairs around your hairline. You need to take extra care of your edges whenever you want to braid, wash or style your hair.

Having nice edges beautifies your hairstyle and, having poor or scanty edges can be so embarrassing.

This is how to take care of your edges to avoid them pulling off and looking unflattering. Read on to know.

We all know those hairstylists that always want to start the hair from the beginning of your hairline and hold it tightly. They do your hair a lot more damage. Sometimes, the hairstyles we think are protective like braids and twists aren’t that fair to your edges. So caution your hairstylist not to hold your edges so tightly.

If your edges are dry, they will break and fall out. Massage your hair with a natural oil like jojoba oil, olive oil, or grapeseed oil. Massaging your hair with oil protect, strengthen your hair, and helps your edges grow.

Wearing caps, and scarves for a long time applies pressure on your edges and leads to breakage. You can also make it better by wearing silk scarves, moving your hat around and not keeping it in one place.

Your pillowcase absorbs oils and moisture from your hair and causes chafing from frequently rubbing against it. Tie a silk scarf around your forehead before bed to protect it.

Your hair needs as much nutrients as the rest of your body, eat food filled with vitamins and nutrients and go for a routine protein hair treatment to have healthy edges.

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