“Being Zahara is hard,” the singer reacts to critics



Bulelwa Mkutukana, professionally known as Zahara shuts down those trolling her for performing at a EFF rally over the weekend.

Some fans assumed she’s gone into politics, and urged her to stop and focus on music.

Taking to Facebook, the singer shunned trolls saying they can’t dictate how she’s to live her life nor source for her income.

“LOL Being Zahara is hard shame… you not supposed to do anything for yourself but must always do what people want you to do. Where is the money for the relief fund? Who benefited? Artists were not working for the whole of 2020. What were we eating? Today, you have the liver to tell which gig I must not take or which one I should. Asoze, we all wanna put bread on the table. Thank you bye.”

“At the end of the day no one will pay for house bond or put food on the table for me. I’m not asking for permission or begging anyone, as long as it’s a paying job, then I’m in. Covid has starved me… Artists weren’t working for the whole of 2020 and this year we work here and there… where was the ruling party when we were hungry. They set up artist relief fund, which benefited their own friends. If you not their friends, you were not getting any. We’re taking every gig this year. We want to put food on the table. Even if DA comes and say we want you, you’ll see Zahara there. Time to please the ruling party is over,” she added.

Some celebs and fans supported her.

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