South Africa moves to adjusted alert level 1



President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Thursday evening that the country has moved to adjusted alert level 1.

There’s been some adjustment to the former rule of level 1, as the country is still on curfew but the time has been moved from 12 midnight to 4 am.

The maximum number of people permitted to gather indoors will increase from 250 to 750, and the maximum number of people permitted to gather outdoors will increase from 500 to 2,000.

The maximum number of people permitted at a funeral will increase from 50 to 100. As before, night vigils, after-funeral gatherings and ‘after-tears’ gatherings are not allowed.

The sale of alcohol – for both off-site and on-site consumption – will be permitted, according to normal licence provisions. However, no alcohol may be sold after 11 pm.

Cyril said over 17 million vaccine doses have been vaccinated and over 8.6 million people are fully vaccinated, which is more than one-fifth of the adult population.

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