10 universal signs that love is coming your way



You’ve been manifesting your ideal partner for a while, but you’re still waiting for them.

Perhaps you can feel a major internal shift in the way you think about love, or maybe you’ve seen other signs around you.

Lucky for you, there are some great signs from the universe that love is coming.

We’ve compiled a list of the most common—and some surprising—ways to know your affirmations have been heard, and your soulmate is closer.

1. Feeling at peace with your past.

2. No longer wasting time on the wrong people.

3. Feeling happy about seeing love around you.

4. Running into someone repeatedly.

5. Dreaming about someone constantly.

6. Coincidences and synchronicities.

7. Feeling like you’re meant to be with someone.

8. Strange behaviors from your specific person.

9. Feeling relaxed and happy being alone.

10. Not focusing on unproductive thoughts.

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