How to avoid bumps when using a shaving stick



For most men using a shaving stick is the preferred method of shaving facial hair because it is cheaper and more effective, but sometimes shaving with a shaving stick can lead to bumps, burns and cuts.

First off, make your beards wet with warm water and lather them up with soap. Doing this will clean the skin and make it easier to shave. Then, use a shaving gel.

A shaving gel makes your shaving process easier because it helps to remove in-grown hair and gives you a cleaner shave void of bumps.

But let’s say you did everything you could but still got bumps or a cut; quickly splash cold water on it to soothe your skin.

After shaving, moisturise your skin to prevent razor bumps. Most pharmacies and stores have hydrating and moisturizing lotions to use on your beards.

Use cortisone cream to reduce inflammation after shaving and of course, get an aftershave. Aftershaves reduce the effect of a razor burn, and most have a very nice fragrance.

You can also apply the gel from an aloe vera plant to reduce burns and bumps from using a razor.

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