Why you should do push-ups



Push-ups are one of the most common exercises to engage in. You don’t need any equipment, you can do it anywhere.

This is how you should do push-ups; Your feet, legs, and hips must be in a straight line, your eyes should look downwards. Keep your shoulders and abs contracted, and squeeze your butt, and leg muscles.

It gives upper body strength. If you are looking to have a buff physique, you should not neglect push-ups because they work on your shoulders, back, chest and arms and give you a chiselled look.

Push-ups cause muscle endurance. Your muscles get stronger each time you do your push-ups. What this means is that you can lift more weights and you become stronger.

Push-ups are great for building your core strength and stability; this helps to improve posture. When you stand, you won’t slouch as much as you use to, and all those backaches gotten from bad posture would be gone.

There are different types of push-ups. It is quite versatile in case you are getting bored you can try push-ups on your knees and feet or switch up the arms you are leaning on.

An important benefit of push-ups is that you can do it anywhere and you do not need any equipment. Push-ups also help with weight loss from chest muscles, shoulder muscles, triceps and core muscles and help with muscle mass gain.