Have you been dreaming about Squid Game? Here’s what it means



Ever since the hit show, Squid Game has been aired, the world has gone into a frenzy over the series.

The show, one-of-its-kind has truly struck a chord with the audience as it has got all eyes latched onto the screen with its truly haunting yet thrilling storyline.

It has given its viewers nightmares but everyone still continues to watch it for its authentic content. But, have you been dreaming of the show recently?

What does it mean if you’re dreaming about being a participant in Squid’s Game?

This means you are subconsciously imagining yourself in a tricky situation. You consider yourself to be very fiery and brave, which makes you eager to be a part of Squid Game.

What does it mean if you’re dreaming of winning the game?

It simply means you are lucky! Winning a game like Squid Game that has full of crazy challenges means you’re also patient and very calm.

What does it mean if you’re running continuously in Squid Game?

It means you’re afraid and that you have all sorts of fears catching up to you. You are always attempting to run away from problems and issues. This may also mean that you are looking for ways to feel happy once again, away from all problems.

What does it mean if you’re dreaming of playing the tug-of-war game?

This means you are currently debating over two choices in life. This can be in regards to your career, relationships etc. You are trying to decide which option is best for you pulling one end of the rope to understand what’s on the other side.

What does it mean when you’re dreaming of being a squid?

This means you have an innate desire to control everyone and everything. Squids are mysterious creatures of the ocean and dreaming of having their tentacles means you want to have a certain reach over everyone. And that is power and authority.

But don’t be frightened of these dreams because these only mean you have greater imagination and eagerness for such thrill!

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