9 important lessons every father must teach his son



Both parents can and should teach their children all they can, but some important lessons can only be passed from father to son.

The bond between a father and son is unbreakable. And just like girls want to be like their mothers, sons want to be like their fathers.
A boy watch what their dads do every day and see how he acts and behaves. And though a son will always love their mom there is just something unique about a father-son bond that forms an amazing relationship.
And since children watch what their parent do, it is important for a father to be a good role model for their little boys.
Keep reading to discover the ten important life lessons that every dad should teach their sons!

1. Be a gentleman

A firm handshake combined with looking the other person in the eye carries with it respect, dignity, and strength. Opening a car door for a woman, standing up at the table when she is seated, and carrying a heavy bag for her displays honor.

2. Honor your father and mother

Honor and esteem your mother and father, not because of their performance, but simply because of their position as your parents.

3. Respect women

Respect a woman physically by honoring her body and accepting that it is reserved for her future husband. Respect her emotionally by understanding that she has a very special way of thinking and feeling that are different from yours.

4. Be a man of integrity

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” C.S. Lewis makes this one really clear. Be a man who speaks the truth and lives by the truth.

5. Take responsibility

Do what you say you’ll do, do it right, and do it with excellence. When you don’t do something the right way, man up and own it. That means apologize immediately without excuses and pursue doing it the right way the next time.

6. Work hard

We were all created to work and work is good. Work is necessary for a productive life. Work teaches self-discipline. Work is not only healthy for the body but also healthy for the mind.

7. Love others

Loving others is our great and eternal duty. Love is all about giving selflessly and sacrificially to others.

8. Being able to manage money

Working hard at a job will lead you to an income, but what someone does with that income shows what they value in life. Money management is important and it must be something that a Dad teaches their kids. Kids need to know that money doesn’t grow on trees and that they need to think about how they spend and save it.

9. Love God

We were created by God and for God. We are to love him with all of our being—heart, soul, mind, and strength. This is absolutely the most important thing I must teach my sons.

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