5 questions every father should ask his future son-in-law



Daughters are a father’s prized possession. They are the light of his life and he wants nothing but happiness for them.

So, when it comes time to choose a husband for his little girl, a father has to be sure that he is making the best decision possible.

Here are some questions every father should ask his future son-in-law:

1. How do you feel about children?

A father wants to know that his daughter’s husband will love and cherish any children they may have together. He wants to make sure that whomever his daughter marries is going to be a great parent.

This question will help give fathers an idea about what kind of parenting style their son-in-law subscribes to and whether or not it coincides with theirs.

2. How do you feel about spending time with family?

Dads want their daughters’ husbands to be involved in family activities and events. They don’t want their daughters longing for their husband’s affection.

A father wants to know that his daughter’s husband will be there for their family.

3. What are your career goals?

A man who is on the right track towards having a successful life has clear, set objectives and plans. A future son-in-law should have clearly defined goals of where he sees himself in five years.

Every parent wants their children to do well in life; however they want them to value relationships as much or more than material things or money.

4. How does religion play into your daily life?

Every marriage involves working through religious differences if both people aren’t practicing the same faith every day together – this is an important question that needs answering before tying the knot!

Fathers don’t want any surprises after their daughters have walked down the aisle and said yes to the supposed love of their lives.

5. Do you have any debt?

This question is important for fathers to ask so they can get a sense of how much financial stress their future son-in-law will be under. If he’s in a lot of debt, that could create some serious problems down the road and it would be good for fathers to know this before too much damage is done.

Of course, fathers should feel free to ask any questions they deem necessary in order to get a better idea of who their daughter is about to marry. These are just a few questions fathers should ask their future son-in-law before walking down the aisle.

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