5 benefits of dating a single mum



In today’s society, single mums catch a lot of flak in the dating world because they are unjustly viewed as bitter, have baggage and many men are afraid of raising someone else’s child. 

However, the benefits of dating a single mum far outweigh the negative. Some advantages of dating single mum include;

1. She knows what she wants

While a potential spouse may be unaware of what they want and just want to see where your relationship goes, single mums know what they want out of your relationship with them. They have no interest in playing games and are unlikely to lead you on. 

2. She is financially disciplined

A single mum is likely accustomed to living on a tight budget, she is unlikely to splurge on a pair of designer shoes when you are undergoing a financial crisis. She is no stranger to the kitchen and also used to spending within the budget.

3. She is less judgmental

A single mum has probably gone through the relationship ups and downs and knows that no one is perfect. They won’t judge you for having kids of your own because they do too and also know the struggle of raising a kid without two parents.

4. You get a preview of what kind of mother she will be

The best thing about this is that you have seen how she raises her child/children so you have an inkling of what kind of a mother she will be once you settle down and want to have kids with her.

5. She won’t run at the first sign of trouble

A woman with a child is less likely to run in case of a storm because she has not only she invested herself but her child too.

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