3 reasons why women should consume plenty of yoghurt



Yoghurt is milk that has undergone fermentation and it is so nutritious and healthy to the body.

It is packed with magnesium, calcium, protein and good bacteria in it. It is good for consumption, especially for ladies.

Here are the reasons why ladies should consume it in plenty:

1. Good for your skin

Yoghurt is good for your face and the skin. It is full of calcium, vitamin B and lactic acid which is good for the skin. Consuming yoghurt is as good as applying it to the skin as it makes your skin to glow, fights ageing and removes wrinkles from the face

2. Fights vaginal infections

Taking yoghurt helps in preventing vaginal infections like candida. It also helps to eliminate the bad odour from the vagina.

3. Good for the digestive system

Yoghurt does wonders to the digestive system. It helps in constipation, bloating and any other digestive related disorder. If you suffer from diarrhoea, a glass of yoghurt can actually help you in stopping it.

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