5 reasons why men are more likely to commit suicide



The month of November is men’s mental health month and statistics show that men are more likely to commit suicide.

In South Africa and globally men are more likely to commit suicide than women, although women are more likely to be diagnosed with depression.

The World Health Organisation shows that in 40% of the world’s countries 15 per 100,000 suicides are committed by men.

Why is this?

Women are more likely to open up to friends or family about being in mental and emotional pain than men.

Also, another way to open up is by crying or expressing emotions and men are less likely to do this.

Alcohol and drug dependence is more common in men than women.

When we take alcohol and drugs, they exacerbate any issues we have and might lead to more risky behaviour than we anticipate.

When men have made up their minds to commit suicide they go through with it in a way that prevents survival.

Men are more likely to jump from a storey building or a bridge or shoot themselves.

Evolutionary men have been providers and they take this role seriously, not being able to function as a result of unemployment or loss of a job after men’s mental health more drastically.

Women are more likely to admit they are struggling than men and reach out for help.

Men love to keep the facade up that everything is going great.

Men need not feel the strain of mental health alone. They should reach out for help, speak about their feelings and know that they are not alone.

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