How to get rid of back acne



Back acne or ‘bacne’ is a skin condition that makes a person have acne at their back.

Although the most common place for acne to occur is the face, alot of people experience acne at their backs.

Acne occurs when dead skin, bacteria, dirt and block pores on a person’s skin.

Because the upper back has more oil glands than the lower back and other parts of the body acne usually pop up there more often.

Avoid bathing with very hot water. Hot water would worsen your acne.

Do not buy products that are too harsh. Abrasive scrubs, antibacterial soaps are too hard on the skin and can lead to breakouts.

Avoid the sun on your skin. As the hot sun can make your acne worse. Wear suncreen often.

Wash your bedsheets and pillow case every week with a fragrance free soap and hot water.

Wash your workout clothes and try not to repeat them. You sweat alot when you exercise. Also buy breathable clothes.

Do not wear a lot of tight clothes.

Avoid backpacks or anything with straps. Carry a suitcase or your bags in your hands.

Do not pick at your back acne or attempt to ‘burst’ it. It will lead to dark spots, pigmentation and more pain.

Use salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide cleansers and topical creams. The skin at your back is tougher than any other part of your body so you might want to let the cleanser stay there for a longer period. Maybe five minutes or more. This would help to exfoliate your skin and get rid of dirt and bacteria.

Always moisturise your back. A dry, unmoisturized skin is a good spot for acne. Using a good moisturizer reduces the chances of back acne.

In some cases the doctor might prescribe antibiotics and topical creams like retinol.

If back acne is severe, visit a doctor