10 signs you’re being too strict as a parent



You decide everything for your child. They can’t question your rules, and you make sure to know what exactly they are doing and hold them accountable. If they miss out on any rule, you punish them.

Does it resonate with you? That’s how a typical strict parent behaves. But is that the right way of parenting?

Can it do any good for the child or will it harm them? This post answers all these questions in this post. Read on.

What is strict parenting?

Strict parenting involves rigid enforcement of rules and restrictions on a child’s behavior, choices, activities, and even their everyday routine.

It is characterized by high expectations and has severe punishments as a consequence of failing the set standards and rules.

However, the word ‘strict’ is subjective as there is no formal manual to follow for parenting. Parents following the same style as you do will not consider you to be strict. But other parents may.

You may not always be aware that you are being too strict in the name of protecting your child. So, look out for these signs of a strict parent:

1. Your child is the first one to leave a party and come back home

You set a time for your children/teens to come back home from a party, and it is so early that they are the first ones to leave every party.

2. You do not allow your child/teen to have a sleepover or hang out at night

Going out with friends is never encouraged, and staying back at a friend’s place cannot even be thought of.

3. You agree to your young one’s demands only when you are in a pleasant mood

Your children do not consider you approachable. Rather, they are afraid and wait for you to be in a good mood before asking anything.

4. It’s always one time

You will allow your teen to go out only once a month but not on all the weekends.

6. You never had ‘the talk’ with your teenager

For some strict parent, it is too personal to talk about puberty and you can’t imagine being friendly and open with your teen. So, you leave it for them to figure it out.

7. Only formal conversations

During family dinners, you only discuss their grades and school, and never about their social life.

8. You still choose for your teen

You do not allow your teen to wear anything of their choice. And if they do, you give not-so-nice remarks.

9. You won’t take anything ‘unacceptable’

You cannot imagine your son or daughter getting their hair dyed or wearing ‘revealing’ clothes. Such actions will have strict consequences.

10. Your kids are uncomfortable with you

Whenever you are around, your children are not comfortable expressing their ideas, laughing aloud or talking to their friends.

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