3 things to keep in mind before you over-trust people



Did I just over reveal things about my life? Is it too early to trust that person? Why did I just give too many details? All of us have had these thoughts, at least, once in our lives.

Most of us go into an extroverts’ zone for some time and give out way too many details to a stranger, and then regret it the very next moment.

This habit of overtrusting does land us in trouble more often than not. However, not many of us learn from our mistakes and continue to do that till we suffer from a shock.

So, next time when you overtrust people, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Over trust can leave you heartbroken

The next time when you suffer heartbreak because of overtrusting, blame yourself and not the one who did it. It is important to understand the things that you have to keep private. You should trust people but don’t overtrust them. Draw a clear line of what needs to be shared and whatnot. Giving out your secrets and weakness can be used against you. And over trust is often followed by heartbreak, because you never know what the other person has in mind for you.

2. Over trusting is a weakness

Over trusting for sure is a weakness of good-hearted people. If you are good with people, it doesn’t mean that everybody will be the same. Hence, it is imperative to work on it and be mindful of what you say in front of people.

3. Not everyone is a friend

There will be hundreds of people who will pretend to be your friends, but only a handful will be your true friends. Not everyone would be empathetic towards you, and most will laugh it out. Some will use your talks for their own benefit. Therefore, select a good bunch of people to put your trust in and see the rest as acquaintances.