5 annoying things about adulthood



For Gen Z and Millennials, the time has come to be a grown-up but adulthood has its many troubles.

With our parent’s generation retiring, young people are taking over the workforce, moving out of their parent’s house and essentially starting their lives.

But adulthood is not as easy as expected, and we find wondering how our parents managed.

So here is a couple of things that irk about adulthood.

Every single person I asked said the thing they hated the most about adulthood was paying bills.

Bills and utilities are the horsemen of death for every adult. There are electricity bills, rent, food, petrol, car repairs and other utilities.

Almost everywhere you turn, there is one thing or another to pay for. It makes you wish for times when you weren’t concerned about paying for the electricity. There was just light in the house.

Most of our adulthood seems like it is filled with thoughts of what we are going to eat and how we are to go about cooking it.

For those who have to cook, they have to think of the hours spent in the kitchen and the clean up after.

Most people resign to buying food but, even that will affect your bank account. And those who earn enough to have cooks and cleaners, how lucky are they!

I know you might be thinking about whose money you would be spending before. But it does come as a surprise that every single thing you own or buy has to come from your account for the most part.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone funding your lifestyle? People with wealthy parents might be fortunate here, they get the chance to call home whenever they are in a fix.

Every adult has to work for money and, depending on the nature of your job, it ordinarily isn’t easy.

It will take your time, energy and strength but, the opposite of that is unemployment and, nobody wants that. So, every morning, you have to wake up and work even if you don’t feel like it.

If you’re unmarried and single, then you would have to take care of yourself when you feel sick. Most times, you would have to go to the clinic or hospital by yourself.

Of course, your friends might help you but, it is still largely up to you to take care of yourself.

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