4 lies they told us about adulthood while growing up



Adulting is hard; there is no point in sugar-coating it; let’s admit and move on.

Sometimes when I think of the remaining years I have as an adult, all I can say is ‘God abeg.’ Adulthood tough o.

No one explained it to us at all, but the fact is even if they did, we wouldn’t have still gotten it unless we experienced it for ourselves.

1. ”Read and work now, after school, you can rest”

Lol. Most of us have not rested since primary school, and it is always from one stage to another. Every step has its hurdles and challenges; in primary school, we just wanted to do well, write the entrance exam to secondary school, from then, written exams ever since. It’s crazy, fam.

2. ”One day, you will need to apply this topic to real-life scenarios”

Lmaooooo. I don’t know about you all, but I’m yet to apply dy/dx in real scenarios, neither does it pay my bills. Of course, some courses and subjects may be fundamental to your field. However, most of the time, the courses are always few.

3. ”Once you start working, your worries will reduce”

Bills be looking at you like ‘youdonmeanit.’ Do one’s worries reduce once you start working? If anything, it compounds. You are paying bills ear and dear, you are earning now, of course, your tastes become high too. You have to pay rent, light bills, data, and don’t get me started on the emergency spending too.

4. ”You can do whatever you want”

Endless responsibilities bind adulthood, and as such, there’s a limit to the spontaneity you can desire. Following your dreams can be relative; like the famous philosopher said, ”Lack of money can kill your idea’’.

The major highlight of adulthood is financial independence from your parents. But in fact, the economic reality doesn’t give a chance to enjoy this independence.

So here’s a toast to my comrades in this squid game called adulthood; may we eventually emerge victors.

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