When it comes to soups for weight loss, have clear soup, not cream vegetable soup. Cream soup does contain fiber, but is also loaded with calories. It can spike the daily calorie count that can be harmful to you when trying to shed kilos. So, replace your cream soup with clear soups like vegetable broth or bone broth.

4. Cereals

Breakfast cereals are easy to have morning meal, but healthwise it is not good. Even if your cereal is labelled as whole-grain or fiber-rich it is not that beneficial for health, especially for weight loss. Flavoured cereals contain added sugar and are also high in calories. So, even if they are rich in fiber, they are not an ideal choice of food for weight loss.

5. Packed fruit juices

Fruit contains fiber, but not packed fruit juices. While you may get juice fortified with other nutrients, they certainly do not contain fiber. It can help you to shed kilos in any way. Packed juice is high in calories and sugar content. Instead of fruit juices have a homemade fruit smoothie or whole fruit. They are more healthy, rich in fiber and can help shed kilos in a better way.