Can a relationship last without money?



In this experiment we would picture two scenarios and assess them one after the other.

In scenario 1, you are dating a very rich guy who isn’t scared to lavish money and attention on you.

In scenario 2, your boyfriend is a struggling guy who can barely afford to send you R200 airtime.

I already know you’re avoiding scenario 2 but don’t worry, it’s just an experiment.

So, let’s start with scenario 1

In this scenario, your boyfriend is very rich, and he is ready to spend on you any day, anytime.

Think of all the things you could do. Let me give you a few suggestions:

You guys could take a two-week vacation to Dubai, where you’d go crazy shopping and shoot amazing IG and TikTok videos. Your Snapchat account would be ablaze.

Also, do you want the latest and finest human hair? You can have it. R10,000 is chicken change. Six thousand five hundred rand would be the minimum price for your phone.

You two could have romantic dinners, enjoy each other’s company, taste new cuisines and make fun of each other, donate to charities, assist others if you want to, and he could shower you with your favorite chocolate bars and other exotic gifts on your birthdays.

End of scenario 1.

Now let’s go to scenario 2

In this scenario, your boyfriend isn’t rich. He struggles to send you R200 airtime.

Think of all the things you could do. Let me try and come up with a few suggestions:

Errrrm… I’ve got only one suggestion – Enjoy each other’s company, that’s the only thing you can do.

Watch movies, stroll together and make each other laugh. And that’s ok, after all, not everyone would be rich.

So yes, as long as you enjoy each other’s company, your relationship can last without money. But a popular artist wasn’t lying when he said “Love is sweet oh! When money enter, love is sweeter.”

Having money makes your relationship more fun.

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