5 zodiac signs who give the best advice



When looking for the right advice and guidance, you need to look for a wise, calm and intellectual person.

Many may be smart and intellectual, but there are only a few who know how to communicate their advice to a person in the most trusted and peaceful way.

Such people gain a greater understanding of how the world works and so, they are able to advise people in a much better way.

They are strong advocates of team growth as they are also great team leaders. Their advice are often blunt and straightforward.

The zodiac signs mentioned below are very generous and they believe in giving fair advice to others.

1. Capricorn

They will always help you figure out what plan you should decide on. They will help you move forward because this zodiac sign is very wise in giving the right direction and advice.

2. Pisces

They provide a comforting and empathetic shoulder for others to cry on. They are best at giving emotional advice when needed. Anyone can talk to a Piscean when they have lost all meaning in life. They can even sit quietly beside you to give you comfort as well as space.

3. Virgo

They are very straightforward and direct with their words. No matter how uncomfortable it gets, Virgos will speak out the bitter, harsh truth only so that you can learn and rectify your mistakes. Their advice is always effective so you can count on them for real guidance. They are also quite famous for their analytical skills so, it’s better to listen to a Virgo.

4. Gemini

They are always ready to help you in any difficult situation. They will evaluate their own life situations with yours and then take out the best possible solution to a problem. They are great listeners and make you feel heard. You should definitely take up their expert advice!

5. Libra

You don’t even need to tell a Libran that you’re stuck in a problem. They can easily sense issues and imbalanced situations from a mile away. This zodiac sign acts as a great mediator and will even help you balance things out, apart from giving expert advice. They have probably seen the world more than you, so their experiences speak for themselves.

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