Why is it so wonderful to date a shy guy?



So you’re looking for a macho man, a man who takes charge and never hesitates to make the first move.

But the thing is, men like these have repeatedly fed you breakfast (heartbreaks).

Will you keep receiving breakfast till you find the right one (you might not) or would you consider dating a more quiet and reserved man?

In this article, I’ll give you 5 reasons why you should date a shy guy.

1. Shy guys are attractive

Close your eyes and think of all the shy guys you know; how many of them do you think are ugly? I’ll take a wild guess: none.

I thought as much; shy men are typically quite handsome. Perhaps it’s because they don’t talk much and hence get into fewer fights and have fewer facial scars. I’m joking; I’m not sure why they’re so adorable, but they are.

2. Good listeners

Shy men pay close attention to what’s going on around them. They don’t say much, so they take the time to listen. Thus, if you’re having a bad day, need to vent, or if a coworker is getting on your nerves and you need someone to talk to, you know who to call.

3. Calmer and less threatening

It’s easy to approach shy guys. They appear less intimidating and exude a calm demeanor.

This tranquility can be particularly valuable in situations where emotions are bottled up and some calm is required.

4. Careful with words

Shy guys recognize the power of words; after all, social influences (words and behaviors they’ve heard/witnessed) are one of the reasons they’re shy.

As a result, they are able to reach a high level of emotional maturity. They understand how our emotions and reactions are influenced by the words we use. Hence, they speak cautiously.

When you get into an argument with a shy person, he’s less likely to call you unprintable names.

5. Easy to Please

Shy guys are introverted; they dislike loud social gatherings. They’d rather stay home with their lover, watch movies and make babies.

As such, they’re simple to please. For them, you don’t have to do anything loud or noisy. All he needs is for you to spend quality time with him and show him affection.

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