Wedding gowns: Everything you need to know before you rent one in South Africa



As you already know that wedding dresses are quite expensive and your budget determines how far you can go with your dress.

If you think about it, the price to pay for a wedding gown sounds even more expensive when you consider you’ll only be wearing it once in your life.

So if you’re considering renting a wedding gown in South Africa, here are some things you need to know.

1. Cost

Renting a wedding dress has a lot to do with cost. You get to slash some zeros as opposed to buying or designing one. This means cutting cost won’t be a problem if you rent a wedding dress.

2. Additional fees

When you’re about to rent a wedding dress, consider things like shipping, pressing, post-wear cleaning and some other additional fees. Some vendors add all these costs to your overall bill while some do not. So you need to find what you’re paying for before shipping.

3. Availability

Renting is not as popular as buying, and thus, your options might be limited. If you have something super specific in mind, you might not be able to find the design you want available for rent.

4. Timeline

You need to know the timeline between renting the wedding dress and returning it. It might eventually get mixed up with your plan especially if you have to return it immediately after your wedding. For the last-minute bride this may work, but consider if this situation will realistically jive with the plans.

5. Alteration

If you can get a perfect fit off the (rental) rack, that’s great but not everyone is that lucky. Many rented gowns require alterations, and the vendor might not afford you that flexibility. So you need to consider this point when planning to rent a wedding dress.