3 inevitable fights you’ll have with your fiancé while wedding planning



Many believe that a wedding is the biggest day of your life. Hence, it is natural that you want it to go well.

However, since there are two families involved, each brings their own expectations and diverse ideas of perfection.

This tends to cause clashes between the bride and the groom as well as the families of the two. If you wish to limit the friction between you and your beau, then read on.

We outline the biggest reasons that cause fights between a soon-to-be-married couple.

Being aware of these could help you avert them, making the entire wedding planning process more harmonious for you.

1. Disagreements with your mother-in-law about traditions

Whether or not you and your fiancé maintain the same set of beliefs, there is bound to be friction between you and your mother-in-law at this time. Perhaps it may be about you not wanting a particular religious ritual during your wedding. Always remember that compromise from both parties is the key to making it work.

2. Arguments over the wedding budget

Since the financial expenses of the wedding are being split between two families, there’s probably going to be a difficult conversation about who would pay for which element. Then if you tend to go above the assigned budget for the venue, DJ, or the artist; there could be heated arguments.

3. Your fiancé and you don’t see eye to eye

There are bound to be times when you disagree on wedding details, be it about the color theme and decor of your ceremony or the outfits you wish to color coordinate. As both of you are extremely emotionally invested in the ceremony, your feelings may be hurt unintentionally by the other party.

Nevertheless, you must remember that minor disagreements do not mean you aren’t compatible with your partner. Hence look at the bigger picture and seek a solution mutually to get beyond the spat and strengthen your bond with your beau.

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