How to do a facial massage at home

by bukky Nov 24, 2021

According to beautician and skin experts, facial massage once in a month can do wonders for your skin.

Facial massage is one of the best ways to prevent wrinkles, boost lymphatic drainage and plump the skin.

It helps the skin get rid of all the dirt, excess oil and dead cells that accumulate on your skin. Your skin will get an attractive, and radiant appearance.

Most people spend thousands at spas and salons to look like a million bucks but to be very honest, you really don’t have to do all of that.

You can always get a facial massage at home and look equally beautiful. All you need to do is follow the steps provided below.

Step 1

Once you are done with scrubbing, it’s time to use the massage cream. Take some of the cream and place it in your palms. Now rub them together, so that the cream becomes a little warm. This makes the massaging very easy.

Step 2

Start with the chin area and make your way up. When the cream has been spread all over the face, you can begin with the actual massage. Using both your hands, you should gently massage your face in an upwards direction. It’s best to begin from the throat.

Step 3

Go to the area in the middle of your upper lip, massage and stretch down till your lips make a sad face.

Step 4

Place your fingers near the nose area and massage your cheeks all the way to the ears.

Step 5

Keep your fingers around the eyes and stretch the corner of both your eyes in the upwards direction.

Step 6

Close both your eyelids with the thumb and relax for a few seconds.

Step 7

The cream must have been absorbed into the skin by now. Take a sponge and remove all the extra cream from your face.

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