Is it right for a woman to deny her man intimacy?



Couples have an unwritten s£×ual commitment, making it a bit important for both partners to satisfy each other in order to avoid giving straying eyes, minds, and bodies an alternative.

However, we are all humans with various testosterone levels, which means we may have different s£×ual urges, moods, stress levels, and a variety of other variables, which could lead to the odd or even regular ‘not tonight honey.’

It follows from my two explanations that spouses must satisfy each other, but it is also right to decline intimate advances. In the first instance, it is part of the unwritten s£×ual commitment they agreed to. There is also that distinction in body language that justifies saying ‘no’.

However, it should not be a case of one person requesting intimate time and the other partner declining; there should be a sense of maturity and understanding. It is unjust to ask your spouse for s£× right after a stressful day, and it is equally unjust to deny your man or partner s£× for no reason.

If a man wants s£× from his wife, he should observe her emotions, create an enabling environment for it to happen, and not just treat her like a robot. Also, a woman should not use s£× as a form of punishment, and there is a polite way to say no if you are not in the mood. Such problems would be easily resolved in this manner.

Love, understanding, and making sacrifices to make things work with your spouse should all be encouraged in a relationship. There would be no problems with such situations if these three were present.

That is my personal opinion on the subject. Do you believe it is right for a woman to resist her man’s s£×ual advances?

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