5 home remedies to get rid of eye bags



Eye bags are recognized as a certain puffiness, swelling and loose fold of skin under the eyes.

These bags have a way of making you feel unattractive, especially when you don’t cover it with makeup.

Have you noticed you look tired with eyebags even when you’re not? This is why you need to get rid of it.

Eyebags are usually caused by several factors which include stress, lack of sleep, genetics, allergies.

Getting rid of the bags under your eyes is something that you can do right in your home. With these simple solutions, you can say goodbye to those unsightly eye bags.

Here are homemade remedies to help you get rid of eye bags.

Aloe Vera is efficient in hydrating the skin and alleviating it. Aloe Vera gel can make your skin more tender and healthier. It nourishes and relieves pigmentation below the eyes. All you need to do is massage the swollen areas with aloe vera gel for a few minutes. Leave it for about 10 minutes, then clean it with soft cotton balls. It can be repeated every night to get rid of the puffiness under the eyes.

Lauric acid and other components of coconut oil possess anti-inflammatory properties. These properties provide essential nutrients to the skin. Regular application of coconut oil will help you eliminate the eye bags. Using clean fingers, massage the oil around your eyes in a clockwise and anti-clockwise motion for a few minutes. Leave it on overnight. For a quicker result, apply every night before going to bed.

Lemon sustains healing properties, and as a result, it is also utilized in several cosmetic products as an ingredient. The vitamin C in the lemon juice will remove all toxins from your tired and puffy eyes. Take a small volume of lemon juice and grasp a cotton ball. Soak the cotton ball in the lemon juice and apply it delicately under the eyes with it. Let it dry for the next 10-15 minutes and then wash it off. Try and perform the same activity twice or thrice a day to see the results. Also, ensure that you moisturize those areas right after you wash off the lemon juice.

This is one of the most common remedies for eliminating eye bags especially when you haven’t slept well in days. Rub two ice cubes across the eye bags. This may get messy because the water will be dripping down your hands so you may want to do this in the bathroom, right after your bath, or even before.

Chilled cucumbers are one of the best home remedies to get rid of eye bags. Cucumbers, as is well known, reduce irritation, while the cooling effect reduces swelling. You must have seen the use of cucumber for the eyes in movies or at the spa. This remedy does not only help to treat eye bags but also helps to get rid of dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes.

Place the slices in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove them from the refrigerator and put the cold slices over your eyelids. Leave them on for 10 to 15 minutes. You can repeat this process more than once in a day.