Cassper Nyovest and Slik’s fight still on? Fans want answers





Cassper Nyovest has taken to his Twitter to give his fans latest update on his boxing fight with Slik Talk.

It all started off when Slik slammed Cassper’s new alcohol brand and ’The Braai Show’ resulting to the star challenging him to a boxing match.

Cass on the other hand offered the Youtuber 100k to fight with him which he accepted.

Well, things became really irritating to the star and decide to call of the fight.

In the new tweet, the rapper made it known that Slik has sent a signed contract which may indicate that the fight will be back if he keeps his words.

“We’ll see about that, he sent a signed contract. Fight might be back on, if he gave us the right info. If he keeps his word then this December, we put on a show. Great entertainment and I get to give him a lesson on a subject we call “Go Phela Le Batho”. If he don’t chicken out.”

“It’s the not information that’s the issue. It’s if he will show up. Will he have the guts to show up for a definite beating. I’ve seen so many movies about nerds who find comfort hiding behind their computer screens. I believe he is one of them. I he does show up, I will pay him.”

Cassper said he will be knocking him out  as he will definitely punish him.

He also said he wants to teach him a lesson to stop disrespecting people.

“I’m definitely gonna knock him out. He talks too much shit for me to be lenient on him. He must face the music. I am going to punish him.”
“No, I want to beat him and teach him a lesson. That disrespecting people will get you punched in the face. I also want to show bullies are just cowards. He can talk all the shit online but he would never do it in person. Weak and cowardly!!! Im Anti Bullies even cyber Bullying!!!”

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